WATCH: Wiz Maleek And I Used To Eat Together Until We Part Ways Best Gally Revealed

Wiz Maleek And Best Gally

Wiz Maleek And Best Gally
Wiz Maleek And Best Gally

Best Gally continues his radio tour of the Greatness to Radio Waa on the Hottest mic program hosted by DJ Anada. Starting the conversation, Gally said, “I never felt I’m now bigger than Wiz Maleek, I think any artist can feel like they are big and have no matchup including Wiz Maleek”.

He also added that. Wiz Maleek and I are brothers and were very good and close friends, even before now we still share ideas in the aspect of music. Gally continues to say Wiz Maleek will be surprised for me to say this, at Tadaa High days we were very close to the extent that Wiz Maleek could not eat food without me.

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We all know when people are too closed in such a manner when things turn around it can be very obvious, but nevertheless, that has been the past I am very happy to collaborate with him again on my upcoming album.

Talking about his album, the Rap Sinner (Best Gally) who is on the roll to release his fourth studio album, these albums add up credibility he his career and make him seen as a better artist. He also said he did not want to be behind the production of his upcoming album “Greatness”, but production out there has been costly and I won’t want to put pressure on myself.

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Watch the full interview of Gally on radio Waa with DJ Anada

In Conclusion

This has been an exemplary step these young stars have taken and should be practiced by their younger wants to help grow the industry. There has been less attention in the region and we all need to unite to be able to build and grow a better together. Thank You for reading and stay blessed.

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