This Is Why I Couldn’t Perform “Country Side” with Sarkodie At The VGMA24 Black Sherif Explained

Black Sherif and Sarkodie At The VGMA

This Is Why I Couldn't Perform "Country Side" with Sarkodie At The VGMA 24
Black Sherif and Sarkodie At The VGMA

Black Sherif, who won the Artiste of the Year award at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, has revealed why he didn’t perform the song ‘Country Side‘ with Sarkodie at the event. During an interview section on TV3’s New Day Show on May 8, 2023, Black Sherif explained that he opted out of the performance to watch Sarkodie’s performance as been his fan.

As a Fan, Black Sherif Wanted to just have a feel of King Sark’s Performance

Black Sherif, a big fan of Sarkodie, wanted to watch him perform as a fan rather than joining him on stage. He had the opportunity to perform with Sarkodie, but he decided to sit in the audience and experience Sarkodie’s performance.

“I am a big fan of Sarkodie. I wanted to sit and experience him perform,” Black Sherif said during the interview.

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Fans were surprised by Black Sherif’s decision, as the two artists have a great working relationship and have collaborated on what is considered one of the biggest songs of this era. ‘Country Side’ has gained massive popularity and has been well-received by fans worldwide.

However, Black Sherif’s decision demonstrates his admiration and respect for Sarkodie’s artistry. By choosing to watch Sarkodie perform as a fan, Black Sherif demonstrated his appreciation for the legendary rapper’s talents and his commitment to the craft.

Black Sherif and Sarkodie At The VGMA
Black Sherif and Sarkodie At The VGMA

Black Sherif also explained that production rules prevented him from performing twice at the event. He was not allowed to return to the stage after his initial performance.

“After my set, I was not supposed to come back on stage to join him,” he said during the interview.

Despite not performing with Sarkodie, Black Sherif’s ‘Country Side’ still won the Best Collaboration of the Year award.

Black Sherif Impresses with Powerful Vocals and Dynamic Stage Presence

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Black Sherif’s performance ahead of Sarkodie’s ‘Country Side’ at the VGMA was well-received, with the audience dancing and singing along to every song. His powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence earned him praise and recognition from fans and critics alike.

His music has gained popularity in recent years, resonating with audiences across Ghana and beyond.

Final Thoughts

Black Sherif’s decision not to perform with Sarkodie at the 2023 VGMA may have surprised fans, but it highlights the level of admiration and respect he has for the rapper.

It may be an unexpected move, a memorable experience for Black Sherif, he got to witness him perform live.

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