Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album

Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album

Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album_
Read: Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album

Read the Full Story Behind Rekordz Unveiling the Cover Art of His New Album

A talented Ghanaian promising rapper and former signee of Illmindz Entertainment, known by the stage name “Rekordz” a.k.a “De Lion,” has made an exciting announcement. He hails from the Upper West region and is making waves in the Northern music scene.

Recently, Rekordz surprised his fans with a post on his official Facebook page, revealing the title of his upcoming studio album and plans to release it before the end of the year.

In the early hours of Sunday, 30th July the KoKo hitmaker “Rekordz De Lion” took to his official Facebook page “I want to see you all adding Mba Gbegni which literally means DE LION to your names on Facebook now Eg, Mba Gbegni Rekordz because Mba Gbegni Album is coming”.

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Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album
Rekordz Unveils Cover Art Of His New Album

Rekordz has already proven his ability to making hits and break records in the Northern music industry. He has previously released successful albums such as “Wa Naa” and “Foulaabie,” which have set him apart from other artists in the game.

As of today, 31st of July 2023, Rekordz De Lion’s unveiled his upcoming album’s artwork and announced that the Mba Gbegni Album will be released on the 25th of November. The rapper also mentioned in an inner video that his recent releases, KoKo and T3nkore and others, will be in the album.

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It’s clear that Rekordz De Lion’s star is rising, and he is poised to continue making a significant impact in the music space. With his talent and dedication, there’s no doubt that he will achieve even greater success in the future.

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