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How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

Audiomack AMP Program

How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)
How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

How To Make Money From Audiomack

Wondering how to monetize your Audiomack account and make money? Are you a startup or you have been on the Audiomack platform for a while? Do not worry anymore, I will explain step by step how I monetize my Audiomack account to make my first 1,000 dollars. AMP is the tool you need to get all done for you to be able to make money with your content on Audiomack.

What Is AMP?

AMP, short for Audiomack Monetization Program, is a tool within the Audiomack platform that generates revenue for creators through advertisements, subscriptions, sponsorships, and creator support. The AMP tool offers all AMP account holders: the ability to monetize their content faster and with no cost involvoment.

The good news is that Audiomack monetization has been opened worldwide to all creators starting in 2021. The vision of the Audiomack AMP program is to empower and support creators financially as well as credibility.

How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)
How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

AMP Application Requirement

The Audiomack Monetization Program required that only authenticated creators can apply for the program. Authentication is the first step required for any Audiomack user who is looking forward to making money with their content. Let’s dive in to learn “How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)”

Checklist For AMP Application:

  • Follow all audiomack terms and conditions
  • Must be an authenticated creator
  • Have at least 25 followers
  • Have at least 2 uploads
  • Make sure you have right to all content uploaded.
  1. Follow all Audiomack terms and conditions: this is the first thing they check when you apply for AMP. It shows how responsible you are as a creator and also gives them a clear idea about who you are, what you are up to, and how you easily comply with rules. Audiomack is one of the top music streaming sites that does not play with its guidelines so you must be very careful on how you use the platform not to find yourself wanted.
  2. Authentication: is the second stage that qualifies you for the Audiomack Monetization Program. To be able to monetize your music, it is necessary to become a verified artist, which would distinguish yourself as a creator from listeners and give you access to the creator tools and services such as the monetization option.
  3. Have at least 25 followers: The third thing they look at is whether your followers are upto 25.
  4. Have at least 2 uploads: They also check whether you have at least the 2 recommended uploads required. In meeting these criteria Audiomack will be fully convinced that you are a mainstream unique creator and that people actually love your craft. Now Audiomack is set to bring the best out of you with its AMP program. 

A Guide Steps On How To Apply For AMP.

How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)
How To Monetize Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)

This is a computer users guide so make sure you have a computer to be able to get success at the end.

  1. Login to your Audiomack account if you haven’t
  2. At the right top corner click on your name or profile picture, a dropdown will appear
  3. Click on creator dashboard
  4. At the left side of your PC screen you will see a list click on Monetization 
  5. A new window will popup with a section ‘‘Apply For AMP’’ click on it
  6. Another window will pop up with three sections (Authentication Status) to determine your eligibility. Again click on Apply
  7. Enter your email address and write a short note on why you need AMP for your account
  8. Now click on the submit button. Nice you have successfully applied for AMP
Audiomack Authentication

What Is Audiomack Minimum Payout

The company intends to allow a minimum payout of $50 in your AMP account if you are eligible for payment.

What The Founder Said About AMP Program

The CMO and Co-Founder of audiomack David Ponte said the establishment of the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP) for creators is a milestone they have been working towards over years and finally here it is.

He also stated that “Uploading to Audiomack is often the first step for artists trying to build an audience and a music career, and now it will be the first place they monetize their work.”

When Audiomack wins, creators win. It costs money to operate a platform that helps creators further their careers, but AMP exists to make sure creators are paid for their contributions. The more users our platform gains, the more money we can pay our creator community

If you are facing any challenge on “How To Monetizes Your Audiomack Account (Monetization)” feel free to share it on the comments section. Thank you

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        1. Have you applied for monetization?
          Is your account authenticated?
          If no, on your dashboard you will see apply for monetization and follow the instructions to send your application

      1. How many social media accounts do I need to link to my audio mack page before I gets monitized

  1. Hey Good day
    You mention of 10,000 plays before monetization,I want to know if this applys to a single track or all your tracks so far.

    1. before you apply for monetization make sure your account has atleast 2 songs and you should also have atleast 25 followers so with this you can apply. they updated their terms and conditions no more 10,000 streams before you are accepted

    1. No please, since your money will be paid in dollars so when it hit your bank account it will be converted into your local currency, also remember until you get 100$ on your audiomack account you can’t cash out

  2. Please I had all the requirement uve said before trying to do the monitization.
    But it didn’t work but my content creator app on my phone was not updated then,
    So I want to know wat it is sir

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    Please website,
    Please publish me, u won’t regret it. U will sell Please I beg you. please..

  4. I applied for monirizarion but was declined and was given 120 day to reapply. I want to know that does the 120 days I include weekends? Or it is calculated based on business days.

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