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How Much Deezer Pay Per Stream 2022

How Much Deezer Pay Per Stream 2021

How Much Deezer Pay Per Stream. The platform is one of the few which helps musicians generate revenue for their music with ease through distributors. The platform has over 73 million tracks, 100 million playlists, and 17 million monthly active users. Independent artists and record labels are all allowed to upload unlimited songs.

NOTE: Songs can only be upload by music distribution companies such as, Distro Kid, Cdbaby, ONErpm etc. So first, create an account with one of these distributors in order to get your songs to Deezer.

The statement on “how much Deezer pay per stream” has been been a worry to many musicians. It is good for one to know how much he or she will earn when streamed on Deezer. This article will help you avoid those doubts and set you in for glory. Even thought the platform haven’t officially announced how much it will be paying for a stream.

Figures stating here should not be under mined. Because many studies and contacting was key during the compilation of this article. Nevertheless, these numbers were finally strike out from the monthly reports of earns from the platform over some time now. So the calculation below rough shows how much money you can expect to receive in royalties from the Deezer platform.

How Deezer Estimate Loyalties

How Deezer Estimate Loyalties

Consecutively, royalties on Deezer largely depends on few factors but it is still possible to calculate. These factors should take into consideration when calculating streams on Deezer,

Such as:

  • i. The country or continent which the streams comes from
  • ii. The type of user/subscriber “premium or free”
  • iii. The total streams generated

These are the major factors that determine how much artist will get earn on Deezer. Even though Deezer offers add-supported subscriptions, as well, their Pay Per Stream is about twice as high as Spotify’s. Only around 25% lower than Apple Music’s

How Much Does Deezer Pay Per Stream?

How Much Does Deezer Pay Per Stream?

Well, on Deezer ,an artist will earn between $0.0064 to $0.01 per stream. Getting pay by a assent for every stream on Deezer. Well, this has really been a good start to driven in cash with your music streams.

Remember this said value might not be the exact rate, but is to help provide you with a guard. It can also change with time as the platform continuous to increases or reduces in streams and subscriptions.

Deezer is one of the platforms which pays higher revenue per stream to it content creators in today’s streaming world. It surpasses many platforms such as, Spotify, YouTube music, Boomplay, Audiomack and many others as estimated in 2021.

How Much Does Deezer Pay for 1,000 Streams?

Wondering how much Deezer will pay for 1,000 streams? It is quite clear that an artist will be earning around $6.4 to $10. Well, per my study and many consultations during the compilation of this article. This has in lighten me to study and have more understanding. It shows that, most artist earned between $6.4 to $10 for every 1,000 streams on Deezer.

It’s essential to note that, Deezer has many markets with difference payment rates. But most of it markets came between the value stated. So artist across the globe will definitely earn within the said rates.

How Much Does Deezer Pay for 100,000 Streams?

An artist should be earning approximately $640 to $1,000 for every 100,000 streams. Hundred thousand streams seems to be the beginning to success. Getting this high number of streams really shows how people are enjoying your music.

How Much Does Deezer Pay for 1,000,000 Streams

How Much Does Deezer Pay for 1,000,000 Streams?

This is a milestone of streams. An artist will be earning around $6,400 to $10,000 for every million streams on the platform. To hit a million streams on Deezer has seems as great success. These high volume of streams mostly comes from bigger stars. It has never come that easy as some people might think, especially with the young and upcoming musicians.

A million stream mostly comes from main stream artist. Artist with high number of followers as well as getting into playlists. Playlists are the main boosters of streams for artist on streaming platforms today.

How To Increase Your Streams On Deezer

How To Increase Your Streams On Deezer?

For a musician to increase his or her streams on Deezer. Below are my top notch tips to drive in massive streams for your music. Success from music doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a lot of work behind. If you want to make a living on music, you need to continually release music and build your fanbase.

Today, streaming platforms have even made it more easier than ever to make money from your music streams. The process might take time to see ones growth, just be patient. With the right marketing, release strategy, and PR campaign, you will reach your goal.

So Let’s Dive Right In:

Releasing Strategy on Deezer

1. Releasing Strategy:

The way and how often an artist will be releasing his or her songs, EP’s and Albums.

NOTE: Often releasing will help boost your growth and presents in the platform. So try as much as possible to create a releasing plan which will show the intervals of your releasing dates.

We recommended releasing in every two months. This is a key note that musiciens should always consider when creating a releasing schedule. An artist should have something new on his or her Deezer account.

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2. Marketing Strategy:

This is very important when it comes to increasing your streams on Deezer.

  • Pitch your music to playlists: Well, this might seems challenging but it is very important. Today most streams on Deezer comes from playlists, so booking your spot on these playlists can be a great support. You may deny entry to some of these playlists especially Editorial playlists. But don’t worry there is still a way out. Go on to Deezer and look for manual playlists which has high number of followers. These playlists are mostly for artists, record labels and other Deezer users. Try as much as possible to get in touch with the creators of those playlist.

Remember many of them might throw a price down for playlisting your music. But do not let that stop you from putting your songs on.

How to grow your followers on Deezer
  • Create an ads campaign: It is highly recommend artist to ran ads of your songs or account. With ads you will surely increase your streams as well as followers.
  • Ran TV and Radio campaign: Tell listeners and viewers  where they can stream your music
  • Submit you songs links to bloggers: Bloggers are key players when it comes to driving users to a particular site. Get your links to them to sent users to your songs for massive streams.

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed it

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