DopeNation Unveils The Story Behind ‘Check My Zingo’

Our New Song 'Check My Zingo' Was Done 10 Years Ago

DopeNation Unveils The Story Behind 'Check My Zingo'
DopeNation Unveils The Story Behind ‘Check My Zingo’

Our New Song ‘Check My Zingo’ Was Done 10 Years Ago

DopeNation, an award-winning Ghanaian musical duo composed of twin brothers renowned for their hit records and production prowess, has recently shed light on the origins of their chart-topping track, “Check My Zingo.”

The duo, celebrated for their musical achievements and distinctive sound, shared a fascinating revelation. The anticipated “Check My Zingo,” which has garnered wide acclaim, was actually crafted over a decade ago.

DopeNation’s creative journey led them to preserve this musical gem, and they have now chosen the perfect moment to unleash its brilliance upon the world. Adding to this revelation, they disclosed that their enchanting “Zenabu” track was also created seven years prior to its official release.

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In an exclusive conversation with host Bela Mundi, DopeNation offered a glimpse into their upcoming endeavors. With a palpable sense of excitement, they revealed that their eagerly awaited EP, titled “Ghanapiano,” is nearing completion and is slated for release on the 18th of August, 2023.

The duo’s enthusiasm was palpable as they shared their anticipation for this project, urging fans to mark their calendars for the release on Friday.

However, DopeNation candidly expressed their artistic aspirations. They disclosed their intent to collaborate openly with a diverse range of voices, seeking an open chorus to grace one of the tracks on their upcoming EP.

DopeNation Unveils The Story Behind ‘Check My Zingo’

Addressing a question posed by Bela Mundi regarding the close resemblance of the name of their project to that of South Africa’s popular Amapiano genre, DopeNation responded with insight and conviction.

They emphasized that music, as an art form, naturally draws inspiration and influences from various sources. Embracing this universal truth, the duo made it clear that they will not infringe upon anyone’s rights.

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Instead, they passionately shared their vision of fusing a fresh sonic direction with the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture. Thus, the term “Ghanapiano” was born as a distinct movement poised to redefine musical landscapes and captivate audiences.

In the realm of music, evolution, and innovation are constant companions. DopeNation’s transformative journey underscores their commitment to both honoring tradition and embracing progression. As they usher in the era of “Ghanapiano,” the duo extends an invitation to all to join them on this exhilarating sonic voyage one that promises to resonate deeply with hearts and ears alike.

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