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DaFra Awards Festival 2023 | List Of Nominees

DaFra Awards Festival 2023

DaFra Awards Festival 2023 | List Of Nominees
DaFra Awards Festival 2023 | List Of Nominees

Full List Of Nominees For DaFra Awards Festival 2023 Edition

The DaFra Awards Festival is a vibrant cultural event held annually in Northern Ghana, dedicated to honoring and showcasing the remarkable achievements of talented individuals with Dagaaba and Frafra heritage.

This celebration is designed to recognize their outstanding contributions in diverse fields, including Business, Media, Entertainment, and Community Development. It serves as a platform to uplift and reward these inspiring youths for their invaluable impact on society.

This is one of the much anticipated award scheme among the Dagaaba and Frafra enclave seeks to cultivate positive work ethics in the average youth of Dagaaba and Frafra.

Actor of the year

  • Issah Tajibudeen

Afro Music Artiste of the Year

  • Bill Cash
  • Gentle kin

Best Rapper of the Year

  • City Rapper
  • Harmless Vid
  • King Ruler one day
  • Latingo
  • Rap Naaba Gh
  • Rapture
  • Select

Best Song Collabo of the year

  • Gentle kin
  • Ningwie Libinus

Blogger of the year

  • Prinz BM
  • Galaa Kelley Ansolome Nelson
  • Upper West Media

Caterer/Nutritionist of the Year

  • Dibin Pauline (Paulyn Cuisine)

Comedian of the Year

  • Comedian Galingaa

Cultural Club/Group of the Year

  • Dagara Culture Connect
  • Malik Abdul Latif

Dancehall Artiste of the Year

  • Ningwie Libinus
  • Northern boy

Dance Academy Dancer/Dance Group of the Year

  • High Spirit
  • Spartan Dancers

DJ of the year

  • DJ Ant Kaahaa
  • DJ Flash (De Bosses Dj)
  • DJ Kaka
  • DJ Phamouz
  • DJ Strange
  • DJ Vision
  • Iddrisu Siita (DJ Atawa)
  • DJ Vision Emerging

Emerging DJ of the year

  • Issah Tajibudeen
  • Gentle kin
  • Rich-Dee Gh
  • Sarkazy Ghazal

Entrepreneur/CEO of the year

  • Ike-town innocent
  • Mwinnongti Diana (Dees Collection)

Event of the year

  • Star In My School

Gospel Artiste of the Year

  • Evang. Christian Nyuni
  • Freshboy Maxwell
  • Suglo Pius

Hairstylist of the year

  • Innocent celebrity hairstylist

Health personality for the year

  • Togloyeng Eusebius

Hip Hop Artiste of the Year

  • Rapture
  • Sarkazy Ghazal
  • Skano mx

Local Music Artiste of the Year

  • Dery Badiima Yengedeme Moses
  • Emma-K Gh

MC of the year

  • Dj Galingaa
  • Mc Zonna Suarez

Most Creative Poet of the Year

  • Asumbono Delphina Atindanpoka

Movie Director of the Year

  • Balaara Roger

Music Artist of the Year

  • Lyrikhal Nyz
  • Ningwie Libinus
  • Rapture

Photographer of the year

  • A1multimedia photography

Promoter of the year

  • Dery Badiima Yengedeme Moses
  • Nabane Abraham Anamloya
  • SurehypersGh

Radio Personality of the Year

  • King Noah

Social Media Influencer of the Year

  • Abotiba King Gabriel
  • Upper West Media
  • Xpress Gh Online

Sports Personality of the Year


Traditional Song of the Year

  • Atongo Zimba
  • Maidstone GH

Visual Artists of the Year

  • Kassim said
  • Rapture Visual

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