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Best Gally

Zakaria Sherif, formerly known as Young Gally and now as Best Gally, is a Ghanaian multiple award-winning Hip Hop/Hiplife, Rapper, and songwriter based in Wa, the Upper West Region of Ghana. Born on 14th April 1993 He is the CEO of Wisdom Music Group. Growing up, Best Gally developed a passion for music at a tender age but came into music professionally in 2013 under the management of DJ Vyper and Free King.

The rap sinner joins Tadaa High Entertainment in 2014, a music group that was formed in Wa by young artists that came together to exhibit their talent. He finds himself among other artists like Wiz Malik, Ojay, T.K, Young Muz33, Game Bwoy, just to mention but a few.

Under Tadaa High Entertainment, he had a couple of songs like Waali Biihi Vielaan. Gally makes his way to winning the new artist in the ECHO SOUNDS MUSIC AWARDS in 2015. But later at Tadaa High, a lot of controversies pop up which causes a split up which saw the duo take up a new label that’s Team Work Rekodz alongside his Tadaa High label mate, Wiz Maleek.

Gally served Team Work Rekordz for a year and part ways again in 2017. This time, he wasn’t under any label, he took some time off and worked on his craft as well as built his fan base and go on to learned sound engineering. Well in 2017, the Rap Sinner officially unveiled his fan base as Gally Nation, and in 2018.

He launched his record label as Wisdom Music with all the portfolios and necessary management board with Prince Banayelibali as his manager and artist like T.K, ReezyBwoy, Gafxity, Skelenzy, Elvee all officially signed under this record label.

Since working on his own, Gally’s efforts and hard work have actually paid off as the whole region has massively rallied behind his music career. He is regarded as a major component of the waala pop culture and is considered the fastest-growing artist in the upper west Region.

As if it was ordained by nature, the awards started trooping in quite apart from being the youngest ever recipient of “Artist of the Year by Upper West Music Awards PRUMAS’17 and “Artist of the Year” by Northern Ghana Entertainment Awards NEA’20. He’s been able to solidly his brand with numerous awards and collaborations

Best Gally

             Life And Music Career

Best Gally was born in Wa the Upper West Region of Ghana and began music at a tender age back in early schooling days. He came into the music industry immediately after completing high school. Gally attended Saint Paul’s Methodist school in Wa. He then proceeded to Dafiama Senior High School from 2011 to 2014, Where he studied General Arts and obtained his high school certificate.

Gally is single Gally is a fan of Sarkodie Gally is a Chelsea fan


Watch out for Grass 2 Grace


Best Gally has released his 3rd studio album “GRASS TO GRACE” on the 26th of December 2021 at Wa, IN-SERVICE TRAINING CENTER. This new album consists of 15 songs plus 3 bonus tracks.

  1. Intro [Download]
  2. Gari [Download]
  3. Madam [Download]
  4. Kpelem [Download]
  5. Life Too Short [Download]
  6. Kaalu [Download]
  7. Haabu [Download]
  8. Better Life [Download]
  9. Want You [Download]
  10. Grinding [Download]
  11. Clap For Me [Download]
  12. Do This [Download]
  13. Danga La [Download]
  14. African Drums [Download]
  15. Oluwa [Download]
  16. Kwasis Bi Woho [Download]
  17. Home [Download]
  18. Grass To Grace [Download]

The multiple award-winning artists who have earned recognition in the five (5) Northern regions have recruited Northern legends, King Raph, a.k.a 1king, and Bolgatanga’s Afropop sensation Sooribie and Cypid on the yet to be released album. Other artists that may feature on the “GRASS TO GRACE ALBUM” include Kwaku Darlington, Marcel Dagaati, Wiz Child, e.t.c and the production credit goes to Best Gally himself.

According to the management of Best Gally, this album is set to boost his career as he has considered it a New Era for his fans. Again, the rap sinner has promised to deliver a spectacular performance on that night the album will launch for his fans and music lovers.

Best Gally is the fastest-rising artist in the north right now. He made his debut in 2015 and has been to work on his way up the ladder with songs that tells a story and carries massive messages. The Album release which was set on Sallah on the 20th of July, 2021 has been postponed due to the Corona pandemic.

       Notable Performances

Later 2018, Best Gally had a collaboration with the king of the North FANCY GADAM on the track title GHETTO LOVE which is still trending in Ghana. The Rap Sinner also collaborates with Wiyaala on one of his albums.

He also had the opportunity to perform at the Sissaala Music Awards 2018 he again performs at Fancy Gadam #Dream​ Album in Tamale Sports Stadium, Kelvin Bwoy- Anada Brand New Year 2021 at In-Service Training Centre Wa, Damba at 100, PRUMAS 2020, Gally rocking the stage with Wiyaala Gally at First & Last in Wa

Awards and Nominations

Echo sounds awards(2015)
1)New artist of the year(Won)

PRUMAS Awards(2016)
2)Sanitation song of the year(Won)

3)Most popular song of the year(Won)

PRUMAS Awards(2017)
4)Artist of the year(Won)

PRUMAS Awards(2018)
5)Album of the the year(Won)

6)Most popular song of the year(Won)

7)Best Rapper of the year won(Won)

SEA Awards(2018)
8)Upper west artist of the year(Won)

9)Jamaica youth song of the year(Won)

10)Hottest mic citation

11)Student choice artist of the year(Won)

12)Promising artist of the year(Won)

13)Covid-19 virtual concert citation

14)Artist of the year-uwr(Won)

15)Sound Engineer of the year(Won)

16)Artists of the year(Won)

17)Artist of the Year (Won)

18)Musician of the year

19)Popular song of the year #Dangala
20) Artist Of The Month

EmAwards 2021@Accra city hotel
21)Best Rapper of the Year

22)Most popular sing of the year

23)Personality of the year
24)Music of the Year

25)Artist of the year (UWR)

26)Best Rapper of the Year
27)Hip pop artist of the year

28)Artist Of The Year UW”22

           Dawbie Album

Gally Nation Present the most finest Album from a very energetic artist Best Gally in the camp of Wisdom Music in the Upper West Region of Ghana who has released these massive tracks (Album) into the music industry. This is a massive tune you should never miss and he titled this Album, Dawbie Album and it targets all the lovers out there. This Album is been Prod. By GallyBeatz & Qobrabeat, sound engineer in Wa Upper West Region of Ghana. Hope you like the new banger, download and enjoy. Don’t forget to recommend our site to friends, family, and loved ones thank you.

No.    Artists         Tracks          Producer

  • 1      Gally         Dawbie      [Prod By Qobrabeatz]
  • 2      Gally         Only You     [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 3      Gally         Poor Boy     [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 4      Gally         For You      [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 5      Gally         De Boy       [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 6      Gally         Man Power  [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 7      Gally         Monica       [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 8      Gally         Secret        [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 9 Gally Waala Baby [Prod By GallyBeat]
  • 9      Gally         Tijaa Na-gaan (Remix)  [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 10     Gally         Say No To Tramadol   [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 11     Gally        Someday Winner [Prod By GallyBeatz]
  • 12.    Gally        Waguan       [Prod By GallyBeatz]

          Nubanie Album

Wisdom Music/Gally Nation in the Upper West Region released a brand new album call Nubanie Album by Best Gally CEO of Wisdom Music. This is a massive tune you should never miss. Production credit goes to Gallybeatz, a sound engineer in Wa Upper West Region of Ghana. Hope you like the new banger, download and enjoy. Don’t forget to recommend our site to friends, family, and loved ones thank you.

The Album contains 10 tracks, 5 of the tracks were collaboration, 5 singles with 3 Bonus Tracks, and intro of the album.

Nubanie Album

No.      Tracks 

  • 1.      Intro (Nubanie)
  • 2.      OK
  • 3.      Wa pt 1
  • 4.      Odo
  • 5.      Mama
  • 6.      Nubanie
  • 7.      Forgiveness
  • 8.      Wisdom Boy
  • 9.      Waala Baby
  • 10.    Mad

     Bonus Tracks

  • 11.      Leader
  • 12.     Suhibula (Please)
  • 13.      Success

 Studio EP Album

No.  Artist   Title        Prod.        Album

  1.    Gally_  High Spirit (prod by GallyBeatz)  StudiesEp
  2.    Gally_  Address  (prod by GallyBeatz)   StudiesEp
  3.    Gally_  De Moni  (prod by GallyBeatz)   StudiesEp
  4.    Gally_  Way Back (prod by GallyBeatz)    StudiesEp
  5.    Gally_  Wa vol.2  (prod by GallyBeatz)   StudiesEp
  6.    Gally_  Listen    (prod by GallyBeatz)   StudiesEp
  7. Gally_ Y.O.R (prod by GallyBeatz) StudiesEp

Major Singles


Year    Title                 Director

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