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How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack

Grow Your Streams On Audiomack Today

How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack
How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack

In recent years, some musicians across the world have found success in the Audiomack by the way of boosting (buying) streams, and followers from other sources. It is one of the easy ways to grow your numbers and it usually helps in positioning artists to gain credit and stand out high from their colleague’s musicians.

However, Audiomack is one such platform that has gained immense popularity when it comes to boosting music streams. Before we dive in, it is important to NOTE that purchasing streams is not a legitimate way promoting your music.

Many believed that one way in building a reputation on the platform is by gaining higher streams and followers on their account, and by so doing they found it easy and fast through boosting (buying) from streaming providers. Even though the platform is allowing artists to reach a wider audience to grow their fan base.

There is growing competition, and artists are increasingly looking for ways to boost their plays and reach a larger audience. This has led to the rise of third-party services that offer to provide Audiomack streams for a fee. But where can you buy trusted Audiomack streams?

How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack
How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack

Advantages Of Boosting (Buying) Streams On Audiomack

First of all, boosting your streams on Audiomack might la you being picked up by higher streaming curated playlists, chart ranking and top trending which could help you cut through with highly organic streams across the world, and also get you discovered by wider audiences.

Having a large number of streams gives you a higher chance of brand deals, many Brands out there are looking for potential musicians with large numbers to partner with and share ambassadorial deals with.

It’s also by way of building your reputation as an artist, this makes you seem big and stand out among your fellow musicians.

Here are some few recommended websites that you can buy Audiomack streams from:

Disadvantages Of Boosting (Buying) Streams On Audiomack

These services employ bots and fake accounts to generate these streams, which is a violation of Audiomack’s terms of service. Moreover, these streams do not translate into actual listeners, engagement, or revenue for the artist, and can even lead to their account being flagging or banning.

How To Boost (Buy) Streams On Audiomack

Should I pay for streams?

Paying for streams is a mistake new artists often make, and does not equal having fans. Labels and DSPs can easily spot fake streams, and those fake streams aren’t translating to concert tickets sold, merch bought, or real-life people who rock with you. Focus your efforts instead on making quality music and content, and converting listeners into genuine fans. And always remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Nevertheless, there are some legitimate marketing services that can help promote your music on Audiomack and other platforms. These services use organic marketing strategies like social media marketing, playlist placement, and email marketing to reach a wider audience and increase plays.

Some of these services include Ditto Music, RepostExchange, and Hypeddit. These services provides real and organic streams, allowing artists to grow their fan base and reach out to new listeners without risking their account.

Another option is to hire a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in music promotion. These agencies have the expertise and resources to create effective marketing campaigns and help artists reach their goals. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable agency with a track record of successful campaigns and satisfied clients.

Key Notes To Take From Experts

  1. “Oh, no. Anything that’s like, ‘Hey, I’m paying you a thousand dollars for a billion plays,’ the DSPs are gonna catch it and discount those plays. Two, it actually is fraud, and you are running the legal risk of getting charged with fraud. It’s a full-on crime, you know?”

    Greg Norman, Major Label Attorney

2. “Never, ever, ever pay for streams, followers, likes, or any kind of artificial engagement. Doing so is both a mistake and a waste of money. Fake followers don’t buy stuff and fake streams will get you banned from streaming services. It’s difficult enough to build an audience on any platform. Why make it harder by paying for something that is not helpful, if not actually harmful?”
Mark Tavern, Music Industry Educator

3. “No, do not do this. It is a scam.”
Adam Freedman, Entertainment Lawyer

4. “No, because you’re not gonna get anything out of that but a song that has one million streams. Paying for streams doesn’t create fanbases.”
Ryan Hobbs, Pandora


In conclusion, buying Audiomack streams from untrusted sources is not a recommended way of promoting your music. It is a violation of Audiomack’s terms of service and can lead to your account being banned.

Instead, focus on organic marketing strategies or hire a reputable digital marketing agency to help you grow your listeners and reach new fans. Remember, building a loyal fan base takes time and effort, but the rewards are well worth in the long run.

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