Amerado Finally Replied to DJ Slim, He Was Paid More Than The 500 pounds That He Claimed No Artist Got In Ghana Party In The Park UK

Rapper, Amerado has denied claims that none of the artists who took part in the Ghana Party in the Park – UK took more than 500 pounds.

After DJ Slim admits that no artist was paid more than 500 pounds on the event

Responding this in an interview with ZionFelix, Amerado acknowledged that he was paid more than 500 pounds.

According to him, his team which was made up of a legal practitioner reached an agreement with the organizers.

He was however not ready to disclose the exact amount he was paid.

Amerado stressed that he was paid more than what has been speculated.

He clarified that he cannot speak for the other artists—but what he received was more than 500 pounds.

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