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Audiomack Authentication Program (Alternate Guide)

Audiomack Authentication Program

Audiomack as a music stream site, over the years, has grown bigger and even better in the music industry. It has introduced some features to the platform, by separating its listeners from creators. As an Authenticated Creator, you will have the privilege to use classic free tools and other services which will help improve your career and user experience as an Artist, Producer, Podcaster, or DJ. To be eligible for Audiomack Authentication Program has never been that difficult. so Lets dive in.

Audiomack Authentication Program

What Is Audiomack Authentication?

Authentication is the base stage into the audiomack for the creator program, in which you need at least 2 uploads and 25 followers and follows all teams and conditions to get you to qualify. It indicates a grey check badge on your account to differentiate your creator account from a listener account and it also provides you with free tools to get you started as a creator, whether you are an artist, producer, podcaster, or other

Benefits As An Authenticated Creator:

  • Amazing Dashboard With Advanced Stats
  • Instantly Notify Fans When You Release Content
  • Submit Your Content Trending Consideration
  • Gain Access To The Creator Services    
Audiomack Authentication Program

Unlock The Audiomack Smart Dashboard For Authenticated Creators

Audiomack has built a unique dashboard for its content creators, making it simple for understanding and user-friendly. It tracks the performance of contents and at which region one is gaining plays from, you also get access to editing your uploaded content and easily reply to comments. It also includes the monetization tool which places the key role to creators hard work, so gain access and unlock it

Instantly Notify Fans When Release

The Audiomack automated notification tool is a great tool that instantly sent notifications to all your fans alerting them about your newly release content right after the content go live, to kick start the plays

Submitting Your Content For Trending

Audiomack’s Trending charts are the common areas for creator discovery. Is a new tool which allows Authenticated creators to have access in submitting their newly songs, albums or podcast for a chance to be featured in the trending charts

Gain Access To The Creator Services

Audiomack continuously brings on new tools on the dashboard to help creators get nothing but the best and to help improve their careers. Authenticated creators will also gain access to the growing list of exclusive creator services, including the monetization program AMP.

Steps To Become An Authenticated Creator

Eligibility for Audiomack Authentication Program must:

  • Follow All Teams And Conditions
  • Have at least two (2) uploads
  • Have at least 25 followers
Audiomack Authentication Program

After following all teams and conditions and meeting all these requirements it shows that you are just a step away from Audiomack Authentication Program, so let’s get started

First login to your account then go to your creator dashboard and click “Apply Now” in the top right corner, or follow this link. Then, accept the terms, which confirm that you:

Are a content creator?

Own the right to distribute and the right to all the content in your profile

Will not upload content that you do not own the rights to, and understand that in doing so, a violation of our Terms of Service, you may be banned from the Creator Authentication Program

Simple To Audiomack Authentication

  • Profile and header pictures. These are images that listeners see when they come to your profile. Use high-quality promotional photos if possible. Note: Authenticated accounts must have a profile picture.
  • Name and user handle. Make sure everything is spelled and stylized correctly to make it easy for listeners to find you.
  • Label and hometown. Let them know where you’re from and who you’re representing.
  • Website URL. Where can listeners find out more about you?
  • Short biography. Tell us a little about you and your career. What do new fans need to know?
  • Genre. Selecting the genre you are most commonly associated with will help make your music easier to discover alongside similar sounds.
  • Authenticate Your Socials Handles: Linking your social media accounts helps validate your identity as the creator of your content. Connect as many accounts as possible, but you must connect at least one. Right now, creators can link their Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Audiomack Authentication Program
  • Review & Confirm: Prior to submitting your application, make sure all your information is correct. Then, scroll down to confirm and complete the application process.
Audiomack Authentication Program
Authentication Agreement

Next, simply wait for the approval of your application. The approval process can take between five (5) and seven (7) days. Please be patient!

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Why was my authentication application denied?

For one to be approved (or to remain) as an authenticated creator, you must upload only content that you own the rights to distribute and upload. Violators will be banned from the Audiomack For Creators program, and their content will be removed from the platform.

How to get more plays

 Want to apply for authentication but don’t currently have 25 followers on your account? Here are some helpful tips to get your plays moving in the right direction, check out How to Promote Your Music on Audiomack


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